At Coller IP we believe that our customers should be able to realise meaningful value from their intangible assets by offering strategic and practical IP advice....a fresh perspective in the world of intellectual property! We understand that realising value from your intellectual property and wider intangible assets is vital to your business so we provide specialist advice to help customers effectively manage and develop their intellectual property strategy and management.

We understand that good IP management requires an appreciation of both IP law and commercial business issues which is why Coller IP has assembled an experienced, inter-disciplinary team that

offers the full range of IP services that extend beyond basic patent and trade mark attorney services.  Our services include independent IP valuations, IP strategy, IP education & training, monetisation, competitor analysis and patent / trade mark filings and renewals. We also work with specialist partners to offer funding through alternative finance, government grants and tax credits

Headquartered in the UK but with a global client base, Coller IP offers strategic and practical guidance to our customers seeking to understand the wider business issues they face in both the short and long term.  Customers who work with Coller IP can be confident that their investment in intellectual property is safe hands as we put their needs first.