When you need to understand the companies in your ecosystem, you’ll benefit from a certain approach. We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency.

With information on around 300 million companies in all countries worldwide we are the resource for private company data.

By combining company information with extensive patent information, we can help you with your intellectual property and innovation research, analytics and strategy.

Our new solution, Orbis Intellectual Property, now links global patent data to companies and corporate groups in a way that’s never been done before, saving you time and helping you make better quality decisions.

We can help:

•             Link patents applicants to our vast universe of companies, so you can now see extensive patent portfolios
•             Provide an ownership timeline for all live patents
•             Track M&A and patent transactions
•             Identify Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)
•             Deliver portfolio and patent valuations for all live global patents