IP Counsel have changed the way they procure legal services and the criteria they use to determine when and how to appoint a new firm. The market place is more competitive than ever, with an increasing number of boutique, jurisdictionally specific law firms appearing on the landscape alongside larger more established players, thereby making it harder than ever to demonstrate value. To gain a competitive edge it is no longer enough to rely on referrals and the brand of the firm, no matter how innovative or well established. At Insight IP we interviewed 50 IP Counsel from large enterprises across a number of verticals regarding the criteria they use to appoint a new IP firm. Although price and expertise were considered significant factors, the greatest emphasis was placed upon their belief in the partners’ abilities to offer a true value lead service, rather than the reputation of a firm. The challenge facing todays Partners are clear; how do you demonstrate your personal value to a new prospective client who falls outside your referral network? 

Our Solution - Direct face time and the opportunity to build a relationship. At Insight IP we have the network, industry insight and relationships, as well as a proven track record of helping Partners navigate the IP community and facilitate direct facetime with them. In this manner we have already helped several practices to grow significantly and enhanced the personal brand and client base of several high profile Partners.

If you would like access to the survey we have conducted on the criteria IP Heads use in deciding who to appoint when looking to instruct a new law firm, a little more industry insight or a conversation around how we can help you grow your personal brand, please contact info@insightip.co.uk