The firm of Ron Wheeldon Attorneys is to be found in the pleasantly Bohemian surroundings of one of Johannesburg’s “in” areas, the aptly named Greenside. This forested and relaxed suburb is also very centrally situated with excellent connection to all the main business areas in Gauteng.

The firm aims to provide clear, concise and practical advice, which is expressed in unambiguous terms, at a reasonable price. Practitioners at the firm believe that most business people who consult them want crisp answers to their questions, answers they can be confident about relying upon.

Ron Wheeldon, founding partner of the firm, is an acknowledged expert in trade mark and copyright law In South Africa and Africa generally and has an ability to predict, usually with accuracy, what the outcome of a dispute would be in the courts. Having practiced in South Africa for some 35 years now, and having appeared to argue matters in the South African High Court on numerous occasions, he has the confidence to give straight answers and stand by them.

He is supported by Stephen Bruce Brand, a trade mark paralegal of some 14 years experience who has exceptional administrative skills, Ann Edwards, an effective office manager, and three talented young lawyers. The firm moved into its new premises at 6 Summerside Road a little over four years ago, a step that has been popular with staff as it has sufficient parking, a real boon in bustling Greenside where parking tends to be at a premium.

Ron Wheeldon has provided international IP services, including management of international client portfolios, for more than 30 years. He is au fait with most IP laws on the African continent and has a strong grasp of international issues, having been active in INTA and BNEF committees, including serving as a chair and co-chair of such committees and sub-committees. For the last 17 years he has been a member of South Africa’s Standing Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property Law (“SAC-IP”), and is chairperson of the trade mark law sub-committee of SAC-IP.