• Managing Director
  • Invention Capital Associates

Dr. Donegan is the Co Founder of Invention Capital Associates, an advisory and investment firm focused on generating bottom-line impact from intangible assets. He also serves as a Partner at Hywin Wealth LLP, the UK member of the Shanghai-based $15bn Hywin Financial Holding Group.

Dr. Donegan began his professional career in the strategy group at Accenture where co consulted primarily to multinational corporations.  He subsequently moved to UBS Warburg where he was responsible for structuring >$3bn of transactions including substantial investments into intellectual property.  Over the last seventeen years he has co-founded a number of IP-rich companies most notably in life sciences, financial services and disruptive materials.

Dr. Donegan obtained a Ph.D and DIC in Molecular Neurobiology from Imperial College after graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc. in Biochemistry and Industrial Microbiology. He is an invited Fellow at INTIPSA, a member of the campaign board of the Advanced Studies Centre at Oxford University and has been peer-ranked by Intellectual Asset Management magazine as one of the world’s top 300 IP strategy professionals every year since 2011.