• Licensing Manager
  • Sisvel UK Ltd

David Muus left Groningen University to work for KPN in the Hague and later for Sisvel in Turin and London. Intellectual Property has been a continuous central theme through his professional path. He studied Civil Law with an emphasis on IP, supplemented with several post graduates in IP law. David has also been educated in the technical side of communication, with a strong focus on mobile and IP-networks. 

Before joining Sisvel in 2015, he acted as IP counsel and patent licensing specialist at the Dutch incumbent telecom operator KPN. At Sisvel, David started out from Turin and is now based in London, where he supported and managed the LTE Patent Pool until the end of 2017. Now David is responsible to make sure that the patent owners of the Mobile Communication Program (3G/4G LTE) and the implementers of 3G and 4G LTE technology find each other and resolve any infringement in a harmonious way through Sisvel’s platform. The Mobile Communication program licenses the 3G and 4G LTE essential patents of 3G Licensing, Airbus DS, Koninklijke KPN, Orange, Mitsubishi Electric and Sisvel itself.